Medication Therapy Management

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Enabling better results for patients, physicians, and pharmacies

To promote the safe and effective use of medications and help patients benefit from medication therapy, TS&H designed the TS&H Medication Therapy Management/Disease State Management (MTM/DSM) system.

This comprehensive rule-based solution enables healthcare organizations to quickly and cost-effectively develop applications that:

  • Enhance patient awareness about medication therapy
  • Prevent adverse drug complications, conflicts and interactions
  • Control costs

What’s so special about a rule-based solution?

Where traditional application development methods usually require significant investment in terms of time and money, TS&H MTM/DSM is based on TS&H’s unique, patented rule-based architecture and revolutionary development methodology.

Offering a paradigm switch from traditional software and development practices, TS&H MTM/DMS enables you to:

  • Modify applications on the fly, eliminating the costly software development cycle; enabling you to comply with evolving regulatory requirements
  • Deliver the right information to the right people at the right time
  • Enhance information management security using HP OpenVMS—the highly secure operating system that when deployed properly, has never been hacked
  • Set permissions based on access control at the object layer, enforced by cryptography
  • Streamline development and deployment, working with any data source and running on any equipment, from a desktop to a handheld
  • Seamlessly interoperate and integrate with your data and current fulfillment system

Advanced capabilities make the difference

You can trust TS&H MTM/DSM to provide the advanced features you need to drive better results for your patients—and your organization.

Depending on your needs, you can choose from the following essential tools.


Medical personnel can use TS&H MTM/DSM to access comprehensive disease state and ICD-9 (International Classification of Diseases, vol. 9) listings (ICD-10 ready). They can research disease states based on a patient’s current medications or associated with a particular drug or ICD-9 code. In addition, researches can analyze drugs that treat disease states by disease, ICD-9 code and condition.

Pharmacists can use TS&H MTM/DSM to analyze patient medications – including new prescriptions – to detect any adverse drug interactions. By automatically tracking prescriptions, TS&H MTM/DSM enables pharmacists to:

  • Measure patient compliance, including prescription over-utilization, underutilization and duplicate drug therapy
  • Prevent unnecessary allergic reactions; alerts automatically appear when a patient is prescribed a reactive drug
  • Automatically analyze drugs to check for medical and therapeutic appropriateness
  • Track prescriber history
  • Track contraindications for patient diagnoses and demographics
  • Automatically alert the pharmacist to prescription dosage and duration errors

Data mining/MTM eligibility

Pharmacists can determine patient eligibility for MTM services with a single click in TS&H MTM/DMS. The advanced data mining features of TS&H MTM/DSM enable the pharmacist to provide MTM services to patients with the greatest needs. Data mining results include pharmaceutical usage, efficacy and demographic data. Researchers can use these results to guide patient-centered activities, capitalize on revenue growth opportunities, and identify new drug research areas. Medical personal can also use TS&H MTM/ DSM to define criteria within certain data categories or through customized queries. And pharmacists can use TS&H MTM/DSM to automatically track prescription fills to measure patient compliance.


With TS&H MTM/DSM, pharmacists can analyze a patient’s medications to determine any drug interactions. The results are categorized by the severity of the interaction. If any adverse interactions are identified, the pharmacist automatically receives a report. When necessary, a pharmacist can use TS&H MTM to research interactions for specific drugs for a specific patient.


To meet the growing need for “doing more with less,” TS&H MTM/ DSM eliminates duplicate data entry by integrating numerous external databases including First DataBank. A physician can view a patient’s entire medical record on a single screen, which is accessible from multiple locations within the TS&H MTM/DSM system. Medical IT personnel can quickly and easily adapt the appearance and functionality of the TS&H MTM/DSM screens to meet organizational preferences—which automatically reflect in a pharmacy’s response lists.


Pharmacists and Physicians can use TS&H MTM/DSM to automatically schedule appointments for patients eligible to receive MTM services. Built-in features enable pharmacists and physicians to:

  • Track patient follow-through on MTM appointments
  • Manage patient traffic
  • Increase the efficiency of patient care
  • View appointments on hourly, daily or monthly calendars, according to user preferences


As the medical world becomes increasingly connected, TS&H MTM/DSM enhances communication by enabling pharmacist and physicians to send emails and text messages to patients and other healthcare professionals from directly within the TS&H MTM/DSM system. Medical staff can also print medication lists, appointment reminders and various reports to share with patients.


To boost efficiency, TS&H MTM/DSM can customize billing reports by PDPs, status, date or patient ID. For organizations that prefer a more visual approach to billing, TS&H MTM/DMS provides the option of using pie charts to graphically represent billing records by PDP, status, date, patient ID, or CPT code.


Physicians can use TS&H MTM/DSM to create a comprehensive record of a patient’s food, drug and environmental allergies— including the type of allergic reaction, as well as the dates the reaction appeared. Medical personal can prevent unnecessary allergic reactions by receiving automated TS&H MTM alerts when a patient is prescribed a reactive drug.

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