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Translate your communications so they truly speak to your members

A key part of member engagement strategy is delivering messages that are relevant to the recipient. Our multi-language services do just that. They allow you to personalize messages to a member’s native language, making communication easier and more reliable. In addition, you can satisfy state and federal regulatory requirements for making translation services/languages available to members and reduce costs associated with providing full-time staff in customer service roles to support foreign languages.

Why multi-language services support consumerism and engagement

  • Promote self-service

    Increase adoption of online tools by using the member’s preferred language

  • Get personal

    Members can compare providers based on their demographics

  • Increase understanding

    Increase the likelihood of positive impact decision-making

More about multi-language services

Depending on your business requirements, we can provide:

  • Available on mobile-friendly member portals and mobile apps
  • Support for over 100 languages

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