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Deliver an online experience that helps members choose providers wisely

Today’s healthcare consumers expect choice. They also want information to help them make smart choices. Our provider directory delivers on their expectations – and meets all of the NCQA provider directory requirements. Plus it is GPS and mobile optimized to serve the growing number of people searching for information on smartphones. GPS integration narrows the provider search to the location of the member.

Benefits of our online provider directory

  • Empower members

    Provide provider and network information at their fingertips

  • Facilitate choice

    Members can compare providers based on their demographics

  • Improve satisfaction

    Facilitate provider search based on personalized criteria

Provider directory features

DDepending on your lines of business or product offerings, the following features can be tailored to meet your needs.

  • Find a doctor
  • Select or change a PCP
  • Link to cost transparency tools

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