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    Simplifying and streamlining the prescription filling process is what TS&H is all about. Fast, intuitive, user friendly, flexible and accurate - you won't fill another script like you will with TS&H! TS&H excels in the retail, clinic, outpatient, LTC, 340B and compounding pharmacy setting.

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  • eMAR Software

    TS&H LTC conquers the unique challenges presented by long-term care environments and enhances communication between long-term care facilities and the dispensing pharmacy. Combining the power of TS&H Pharmacy Software and TS&HLTC, the ultimate in patient care can be delivered.

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  • Clinical Database Integration

    TS&H provides a suite of clinical databases and services from multiple business partners providing pharmacies with the up-to-date, accurate and comprehensive information they need to support drug dispensing activities, and promote patient drug utilization safety and education.

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  • Member Engagement

    Design and deliver member engagement strategies using cloud-based technology from Healthx. Our member engagement solutions create a better member experience by providing information, driving action and meeting consumers’ growing expectations.

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  • Medication Therapy Management

    To promote the safe and effective use of medications and help patients benefit from medication therapy, TS&H designed the TS&H Medication Therapy Management/Disease State Management (MTM/DSM) system.

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  • Prior Authorization

    The ePA National Adoption Scorecard details the current state of electronic prior authorization (ePA). The Scorecard follows the increase in ePA availability in electronic health records (EHR) systems with payers and at pharmacies, which represent the majority of the market share.

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